Dixon 46M project from Ocean Independence

Working with Ocean Independence I am very pleased to offer the Dixon 46M sailing yacht project.

Bill Dixon http://www.dixonyachtdesign.com/designs/superyachts-sail/projectx.html is a legendary UK-based Yacht Design house and I am very proud and excited to be able to offer one fo his designs for sale toa new build client.

The Dixon 46M is a filly engineered project with an option of either Aluminium or Carbon build. We have a guide price for a Carbon build with Alia Yachts in Turkey http://aliayachts.com/ who are multiple award-winning yacht builders and we would be very pleased to manage a Northern European yard to quote as well as an Italian yard depending on preference.

With a lack of good quality new builds over the past few years this is a unique opportunity for a yachtsman to get involved at an early stage and develop a stunning performance sloop.

Contact Tim Quinlan

00 44 7341 12 77 55


OI_Sales_Brochure_DIXON 46

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